Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question – How do I register for the Youth New Englands ?
  • Answer: You register online (at  The registration fee is $40 (a $5 “wild card” fee is charged for those that did not place in their state qualifying tournaments).  Follow the instructions on the registration page.  Be sure to include your town/school affiliation and your club affiliation.

    Question: Why do the weight classes vary from state to state and between some states and the Youth New Englands ?
  • Answer: There is no governing body that oversees youth wrestling, as there is in college (NCAA) and high school (NFHS).  Because of this, each state has a tendency to form its own weight classes.  The Youth New England tournament directors use a weight class structure that has been adopted by some states and not by others.
  • Question: In which weight class do I register if my state weight class is different than the New England weight class ?
  • Answer: Wrestlers may choose to compete in any weight class in their age group at the Youth New Englands.  However, you must make the weight for which you register online.  There is no bumping to a higher weight class after online registration closes or during weigh-ins.  In order to secure your state seeding, wrestlers should compete in the same weight class as their state qualifying tournament. If state and New England weight classes are different, a wrestler may compete at an adjacent weight class, either up or down, from his state weight class.
  • Question: Why is USA Wrestling membership not required for the Youth New Englands ?
  • Answer: Four of the six New England states do not use USA Wrestling membership during the youth folkstyle season (November – March).  Wrestling families would incur additional costs in order to join USA Wrestling.  Since the majority of NE states do not support these increased costs, the tournament directors made a decision to discontinue this requirement.
  • Question: Does this mean that the Youth New Englands doesn’t support USA Wrestling ?
  • Answer: A $5 rebate is offered to all USA Wrestling members as an incentive to participate.  This discount, an insurance fee waiver, is also offered to AAU and NUWAY members.  Members of these organizations must present a current membership card during weigh-ins to receive the $5 rebate.
  • Question: Can I compete in the Youth New Englands if I do not participate or place in my state tournament ?
  • Answer: Yes, you can.  When you register online, select the “DNP” option and complete the registration process.  You will be charged a $5 “wild card” fee during registration.  If you are able to complete the registration process, then your petition for a wild card spot is accepted.
  • Question: What are the individual awards for the Youth New Englands?
  • Answer: First place finishers in each weight class are awarded a hooded sweatshirt that can be worn with pride by all New England champions.  Second and third place finishers earn a plaque that commemorates their accomplishment.  Fourth, fifth, and sixth place finishers receive a commemorative medal.
  • Question: Are there team awards at the Youth New Englands?
  • Answer: The top team in both the Club and Town/School divisions are awarded the “New England Cup” as team champions.  A club is a year-round wrestling program that draws from a wide geographical area; a town/school program draws from a school or town district.  One wrestler from each age division will be presented an Outstanding Wrestler (OW) Award.
  • Question: What if I wrestle for both a town/school program and a club program…for which will I score?
  • Answer: Wrestlers who belong to both types of wrestling programs may score team points for both.  Make sure to identify your town/school and club affiliations during the registration process.